The Pregnant Runner: Deciding to Switch Obstetricians

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New to the Area

At 27 weeks, my trust in my OB office wavered. Mind you, I’ve never been completely happy with my decision to go with them from the beginning; however, I am a logical person. Logically, this office was close to my work and to my house. We were also new to the area, so I didn’t really know where to go. I went with them thinking that one OB office is just like the next. From the moment I arrived to the moment I turned in my medical release papers at 29 weeks pregnant, I had never seen a single obstetrician at their office. I’ve emailed them, but I’ve never seen them. I’m not sure if it’s normal procedure or not, but I’ve always seen an RN or a nurse.

At the beginning, they fully supported my decision to continue long-distance running. Then, at 27 weeks I suddenly receive an email from one of the obstetricians stating that she didn’t want me to run any of the races I had planned. The reason? Women shouldn’t run marathons during pregnancy, much less what I’m doing. My Continue reading

Tips from a Pregnant Runner: Galloway for the Long Haul

28w4d #preggo (Running Dead Ultra training run)  (For Two Fitness top)

28w4d #preggo (Running Dead Ultra training run with my training buddy, Ana)
(For Two Fitness top)

Ever hit that magical mile and “hit the wall?” Perhaps you’re recovering from injury? Perhaps you’re tackling a new distance or just starting out. Maybe you’re a veteran runner or a pregnant runner! Whichever runner you are, the Galloway method can help you run faster, farther, and stronger!



I recently received the honor of becoming a Galloway Blogger, and have followed the Galloway method for all my ultra runs. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my ability to go farther, faster, and recover quicker! During pregnancy, the Galloway method is an invaluable weapon!

Here are some insights and tips from Jeff Galloway himself to help you become a faster, stronger, and more capable athlete! Continue reading

The Shoot: Pregnant Runner Third Trimester

28 weeks along, officially in the third trimester, and still running strong with a 20.25 mile run under my belt!

26.5 weeks pregnant!

26.5 weeks pregnant! (sporting For Two Fitness Maternity Running tank)

Body Changes

Despite the appearance of round ligament pains two weeks ago, everything else is peachy! I can see why they call the 2nd trimester the most peaceful of the three! The only aches I’ve felt recently are the RLPs and my boobs, which apparently are starting to l Continue reading