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Mami’s Newest Ultrarunner: baby Enrique’s Birth Story


Enrique’s Birth Story


After five years, I forgot what sleepless nights and having a newborn felt like. Somehow, Enrique is nearing a month old come Sunday, and I haven’t the foggiest clue as to where the time went.



Enrique definitely has the makings of an ultrarunner with his ability to go the distance. After 42 weeks sitting cozy in mami’s tummy, he had no intentions of greeting the world, so we met our midwife at the hospital on May 30th. We stopped by my local, vegetarian-friendly market for a Cacao Mint Kale smoothie, which had become an addiction of mine the last few weeks of pregnancy. The staff had become used to seeing my face and growing belly, asking week after week, when Enrique was coming. Hearing that we were finally on our way to the hospital, they gave me a double serving of my favorite smoothie on the house! 😀 SWEET! 😀

2015-05-31 06.48.23

At the hospital, we officially started induction at 4 p.m. Everything went smoothly until around midnight or so. The nurses, hearing how I ran a 50k and two marathons in my third trimester, had bets going as to when I’d finally ask for an epidural. My midwife knew my goal was to hold off as long as possible, as last time, labor stalled, and my epidural wore off before delivery. This time, I was able to use the breathing techniques from yoga to hold off on the epidural until the contractions were about 1-2 minutes apart, at which point concentrating on breathing became incredibly difficult. I was told that if I wait any longer, I might not be able to get the epidural, so I finally agreed. The delivery nurse on call grinned. Apparently, she won the bet. 😛

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Welcome to the world baby Enrique!

You can never know how your body will react to anesthesia. Shortly after the epidural, people began flooding our room, administering additional Continue reading

A Storm’s A Brewing

2014-06-21 08.37.50

A week has passed since a vicious stomach bug decided to take residence in our house and hold little guy hostage. We should receive little man’s test results today and hope that it provides some clues as to what’s been going on with him. It’s Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: Love Letter to our Son

Papi and little man

Papi and little man

For Valentine’s Day, our son’s school asked each parent to write a “love letter” to their children, which would be hand-delivered to each of them by the “mailman.” How cute!


My little running buddy!

What originally started as a homework assignment quickly became much more. As I wrote the letter, memories of when my little man was just a wee babe that fit nicely in our hands came flooding back. I thought back to when we found out we were expecting, and then, to the gentle flutters of his feet and hands in the womb, which eventually gave way to defiant kicks to the ribs. We knew then he would be quite the little imp.

2014-01-30 11.45.14

This is such a neat idea for both the child and the parent. Try it yourself and see! Watch their eyes sparkle and light up when you place the letter in their hands. What kid doesn’t like receiving mail with their own name on the envelope?


Helping with dinner!

So to my little man, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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