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For Two Fitness®: Maternity Activewear for the Fashion-Conscious Mami

2015-02-13 21.53.15

Celebrate those Curves!

Finding fashionable activewear can be a challenge during pregnancy. Sure, you could go up a size in regular apparel, but then you risk looking like you’re wearing a potato sack. Every pregnant woman wants to look her best and highlight those baby curves!

With my second pregnancy, I set out on a mission to find an affordable, fashionable brand that celebrated pregnancy and that celebrated an active lifestyle, particularly running. Step forward, For Two Fitness®!

I came across the Running For Two® tops by For Two Fitness®, a premier maternity activewear brand, and knew that I had hit the JACKPOT! Continue reading

Champion of the Ta-Tas


When it comes to the long haul, Champion hit the nail on the head with their Marathon Sports Bra. Made specifically for mid-to-long distance runners, this bra does not disappoint.

Silky-soft and smooth as silk, it’s light as a feather, but don’t be fooled by this pretty, little number. The Champion Marathon sports bra has what it takes to take you from start to finish, whether it’s a 10k, marathon, or longer. Continue reading

Even the Grizzlies will be Jealous!

Carol Run in my Utopia Tights. :)

Carol Run in my Utopia Tights. They told me it was a “festive” event…I thought that meant dressing up. Apparently, everyone else took that as wearing a festive hat. :)

Cinnamon sticks, the spicy aroma of hot apple cider, and the smell of a fireplace on a cold, wintry day. Get ready folks because winter is officially on its way in the south!

I spent last week, fumbling through suitcases, unpacking my winter wardrobe…er, running wardrobe, that is. I haven’t even taken a look at “work” clothing. I’ve waited all season to pull out my Brooks Utopia tights.

Look, TWINS!

Look, TWINS!

While some runners go into hibernation during the winter months or act like angry bears pummeling the treadmills at local gyms, I won’t be one of them! Seriously, the Brooks Utopia tights will keep you warmer than your wildest dreams! …and before that has a chance to settle in, let’s move on. 😉

Made from winter-weight material, the Utopia is perfect for temps below 40F. As a tight, they are fitted, so if you like things a bit looser, I would go up a size…or you could just penguin-dance your way into them like I do. 😀 Waddle, waddle.


The zippers on the legs make it easy to adjust the lower fit as needed. Make sure to put the zipper flap into the up position to keep them from opening mid-run. With an inseam of 26”, they’re perfect for my 5’4” frame. If you have long legs, you might consider complementing the Utopia tights with a pair of higher-length socks. The zippered back-pocket is well-stitched and perfect for holding a key and a gel.

Hammer time!

Hammer time!

The Utopia is my winter staple when temps dip below 40. For temps higher than 40, I would go for a lighter-weight tight.

Caring for your Utopia Tights: Turn the tights inside-out when washing. Avoid placing the tights in a load with bras or any other item that has Velcro or hooks. The hooks and Velcro will snag at the seams. This isn’t an issue with the tights themselves, but an issue with any winter-weight running tight in general.