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Champion of the Ta-Tas


When it comes to the long haul, Champion hit the nail on the head with their Marathon Sports Bra. Made specifically for mid-to-long distance runners, this bra does not disappoint.

Silky-soft and smooth as silk, it’s light as a feather, but don’t be fooled by this pretty, little number. The Champion Marathon sports bra has what it takes to take you from start to finish, whether it’s a 10k, marathon, or longer. Continue reading

Even the Grizzlies will be Jealous!

Carol Run in my Utopia Tights. :)

Carol Run in my Utopia Tights. They told me it was a “festive” event…I thought that meant dressing up. Apparently, everyone else took that as wearing a festive hat. :)

Cinnamon sticks, the spicy aroma of hot apple cider, and the smell of a fireplace on a cold, wintry day. Get ready folks because winter is officially on its way in the south!

I spent last week, fumbling through suitcases, unpacking my winter wardrobe…er, running wardrobe, that is. I haven’t even taken a look at “work” clothing. I’ve waited all season to pull out my Brooks Utopia tights.

Look, TWINS!

Look, TWINS!

While some runners go into hibernation during the winter months or act like angry bears pummeling the treadmills at local gyms, I won’t be one of them! Seriously, the Brooks Utopia tights will keep you warmer than your wildest dreams! …and before that has a chance to settle in, let’s move on. ;)

Made from winter-weight material, the Utopia is perfect for temps below 40F. As a tight, they are fitted, so if you like things a bit looser, I would go up a size…or you could just penguin-dance your way into them like I do. :D Waddle, waddle.


The zippers on the legs make it easy to adjust the lower fit as needed. Make sure to put the zipper flap into the up position to keep them from opening mid-run. With an inseam of 26”, they’re perfect for my 5’4” frame. If you have long legs, you might consider complementing the Utopia tights with a pair of higher-length socks. The zippered back-pocket is well-stitched and perfect for holding a key and a gel.

Hammer time!

Hammer time!

The Utopia is my winter staple when temps dip below 40. For temps higher than 40, I would go for a lighter-weight tight.

Caring for your Utopia Tights: Turn the tights inside-out when washing. Avoid placing the tights in a load with bras or any other item that has Velcro or hooks. The hooks and Velcro will snag at the seams. This isn’t an issue with the tights themselves, but an issue with any winter-weight running tight in general.

Jack Frost Nipping at your Toes: Brooks Silver Bullet (women’s)

Piece of Flair

The Brooks Silver Bullet comes in 5 flavors: Black, Nightlife Yellow, Nightlife Green, a sea-blue/green, and a deep purple. Add to that, the contoured design that follows your every curve, this jacket is definitely here to stay!

Hourglass, Spoon, Pear, or Ruler?

This jacket is fairly true-to-size. However, if you’re like me and broad in the shoulders, you should consider ordering a size up, so that you have enough freedom to stretch your arms to the back. It is semi-fitted and gently follows your curves, avoiding the “boxy” look that many jackets lend themselves.

Let’s Get Technical, Technical!

For such a light-weight jacket, this jacket really does “bite the bullet!” I’ve worn this jacket in temps as low as mid-20’s to as high as low to mid-40’s, so if you’re looking for a “TRUE” winter jacket to keep you toasty on the road or on the trail, this aluminum-lined bullet is for you! It’s truly built for the cold! One note that I need to add is that when worn in temps around 40, I strongly suggest wearing a very light layer underneath or a short-sleeved shirt, or you will become too toasty!

A neat thumb-hole keeps the jacket from moving around and allows you the freedom to move as you please. Forgot your gloves? No worries! The cuffs fold down to cover the hands, providing a mitten-like warmth that works perfectly down to the low-mid 40’s. Lower than that, and I prefer my Utopia mitts, which will be the apple of my eye in the next post!

Thumb hole keeps the arms snugly in place

Cuff folded over to make a mitt

Did I mention that it’s COMPLETELY windproof and water-resistant? I wore it to a race where the winds literally brought the temps down to what felt like the teens! While that may not sound like much for the Northern folks, it’s downright cold in the South! Brrrrr… I thought my face would freeze and break like glass; however, my mid-section did indeed stay toasty warm. As far as water-resistance goes, it holds up to a light mist/light sprinkles, so it is water-resistant; however, if you’re on a long run or dealing with heavier rain, you will get wet. That’s just a fact of matter.

close-up for back venting

The vent opening on the back around the upper back allows for air circulation, and it still keeps the elements out! No over-heating!

back view of jacket and venting

There is a chafe-free neck lining as well, so no matter how you move, chafing won’t be an issue! And for pocket lovers, there are PLENTY to choose from and quite deep too. The outside pockets are of normal depth and with sturdy zippers. I use the two pouches on the inside as pockets as well, which are quite deep and VERY useful.

chafe-free lining on the collar

inside panels as pockets too! Pardon the empty Marathon bar wrapping. :P

And for those that like to listen to music on runs, there is a moisture-proof media pocket on the inside as well. I like the little loop up near the inside of the collar, allowing you to string your cord through there. No more jostling or tangling!

moisture-proof media pocket with velcro tab

media cord loop


While the weather is getting nippy, Jack Frost isn’t quite here yet! You still have time to catch the bullet! If you’re looking for that one jacket that will take you through the winter months, the Silver Bullet is definitely for you!