Valentine’s Day: Love Letter to our Son

Papi and little man

Papi and little man

For Valentine’s Day, our son’s school asked each parent to write a “love letter” to their children, which would be hand-delivered to each of them by the “mailman.” How cute!


My little running buddy!

What originally started as a homework assignment quickly became much more. As I wrote the letter, memories of when my little man was just a wee babe that fit nicely in our hands came flooding back. I thought back to when we found out we were expecting, and then, to the gentle flutters of his feet and hands in the womb, which eventually gave way to defiant kicks to the ribs. We knew then he would be quite the little imp.

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This is such a neat idea for both the child and the parent. Try it yourself and see! Watch their eyes sparkle and light up when you place the letter in their hands. What kid doesn’t like receiving mail with their own name on the envelope?


Helping with dinner!

So to my little man, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Alejandro,

Happy Valentine’s Day baby! We wanted to write you a letter to tell you just how much we love you and how very special you are to us.

Before we even laid eyes on you, mami and papi were already in love with you. Everything about you was and is just as it should be, absolutely perfect, from your little monkey hugs and butterfly kisses to your jolly, full-bellied laughs and mischievous grins.

Every day with you is a blessing, more memories to cherish. We love spending time with you, whether it’s building Lego trains, making food with play-doh (Delicioso!), or cuddling in mami and papi’s bed at night.

You’re always polite and thoughtful, ready to give kisses and hugs to anyone who needs them. We love how you help in the kitchen, putting away the silverware and how you serenade us with your favorite songs, “Jingle Bells” and “Thomas the Train.”

You are the best gift we could ever receive. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet pea. P.S.- Mami and Papi love you more!!!


Mami and Papi


Our Greatest Gift

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  1. This is so beautiful!!!

  2. Such a cute idea! Oh and such a beautiful letter!!

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