Why do you run? What makes you tick?

We all have varying reasons for why we started running. I’ve been running for about as long as I can remember. It started when I was 8 as an attempt by my parents to tire me before bedtime, making me run lap after lap around 2 acres on our property…any attempts to take a shortcut resulted in an extra lap. Fast forward to middle school and high school, where I joined track and cross-country. I slipped in college as some do, picking up a few years later. Met my handsome husband, got married, let it slip again. Fast forward to the doctor threatening to put me on blood pressure medicine. It felt like I had been hit by brick. I was 25 years old, 25 pounds overweight with high blood pressure and blood sugar. How had someone so fit become so weak and pathetic?

Which brings me to my main point. I want to spread the run happy message by offering an individual the chance to participate in the Allstate Atlanta 13.1. The kind folks at Georgia Marathon/Allstate Atlanta 13.1 marathon have offered up a free entry to give away to my readers. How cool is that?! So stoked at being able to offer someone the opportunity to what is sure to be challenging and rewarding with an awesome post-race party to boot!

How do I enter?

So here’s how it works. Comment on this post about why you run. Write me a note, a novel, whatever your fancy. What makes you lace up your shoes on pitch-black mornings or on days where the skies pour down unrelenting? Why did you start running, and why do you continue today? Be sure to include your name.

Are there any rules?

Enter by midnight of Friday EST time. The winner will be announced on Saturday, September 8th at 7:30 p.m. on my Facebook page and via Twitter, so be sure to follow me! Why such an odd time? Mainly because our wee one goes to bed at 7, so that gives me time to get on here, and it gives everyone time to submit their entries. Also, if the winner does not reply within 48 hours, I will move on to the next person in line.

2005, 25 pounds overweight

with my running group, The Adventure Runners, at the 2012 Peachtree Road Race. Still have 10 pounds post-baby weight to lose, even after a year.

Disclaimer: Per FTC requirements, I am not receiving any compensation for promoting Allstate Atlanta 13.1 marathon nor for offering the entry.

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  1. I started Running in Feb 2008 to get myself looking better for my wife to be and my July 2008 wedding date.. She stepped out of the gym to run the roads with me and I got off the couch. 4 years later I am 60 lbs lighter and racing every weekend to try to inspire others to do as I did.. I run now to Inspire Daily and continue to make my life better physically and mentally..

    William Schmitz

  2. “In May 2011, at age 43, I weighed 132 pounds and could barely run three miles at 10:30 minute/mile pace. While I was not hugely overweight, I was feeling tired more often than I should. I often enjoyed hot wings and wine with the girls more than I should, and had sort of resigned myself to living the typical life of middle-aged housewife. Over the years, I have had many yo-yo diets, and the thing I feared most was reaching the goal weight. Somehow, I could never maintain that goal weight once I had achieved it. It required such a delicate balance of calories and exercise.”

    This is an except from one of my recent blog posts.

    So, this explains why I started running, but it does not begin to cover the reasons that keep me running. My goal at that time was a 10K race in under an hour. Now my goal is a sub-3:30 marathon. Racing appeals to my competitive nature and drives me to continue challenging myself. However, it will not be highly disappointing if I do not hit my goal. In the process of training for races, I have truly fallen in love with running just for running’s sake. It has made me more energetic, more organized, more chilled out when life gets hectic, and more confident. It has also helped me shed 20 pounds and feel comfortable in a swimsuit.

    I adore my running friends and I love talking about all aspects of running. I savor the feeling of those runs where I have enough energy to really push hard at the end. Then, I check my watch to discover I’ve hit a new PB! It’s great to do group runs and groups races, but the solo runs are also wonderful. I know the weather every single day, and I love to watch the seasons change and spy the bunnies and berries along the trail.

    Although I did discover this love of running until age 43, I do hope and plan to run for years and years to come. By being sensible and listening to my body, I think this long-term goal is very achievable! So…thanks for asking this all-important question…and yes, I’m already signed up for the Allstate Half, but I have a special Kenyan friend I will donate my entry to if I win!!

  3. Hi, I’m @__MeganJohnston, name is easy. 😉 I run to feel free, I run for health, and I run for ME! I’ve had two knee surgeries due to soccer injuries and knowing that I can still run (both mentally and physically) means the world to me, especially given that they were both pretty serious ACL replacements.

    I run to prove that I still can. That just because I’m post-athlete-status doesn’t mean my healthy teenage years have to be over at 27. I can still do lots of things, and just need to put my mind to them.

    I run to stay healthy. I don’t eat the best (admittedly), but run so I don’t feel bad about that extra cupcake last night with dinner, or that I eat more carbs than a normal human should (I’m a carb-a-holic, what can I say?).

    I race for the extra push out the door – to prove what I’m capable of, to race against myself and keep bettering myself each and every time!

  4. Why do I run?
    I run because I can! I have two healthy legs and two feet that work. Everyday I am thankful for the gift of being able to walk, and to run. It is a simple thing, running, but I couldn’t imagine not being able. In fact, I wrote my English 1102 college paper on the same topic, because my professor always said, “if given the chance, write about what you love, and it will flow naturally”. Yes, its true, I am a dork that loves to run.

    Like many folks who also posted above, going for a run makes me feel good. A regular fitness routine keeps my blood flowing and keeps my inner chemistry on track. When I run and work out consistently I can think clearer and my mind works better. It is amazing. If I have a big client meeting/ job interview, or test, I always make sure I run the day before to guarantee high levels of performance. Or at least, performance at my personal best. It’s true, it works. There is something vital, and key to our health that requires regular activity. I want to stay healthy, have the ability to see some awesome natural wonders, and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the purpose of enjoying many years.

    My work demands that I sit in front of a computer like many folks in Atlanta/Roswell. So, taking a break to exercise is good. I have to remind myself to stand up and stretch. I have to force myself, sometimes pulling away, to go out and get my fitness on! The most rewarding place I have found to run is the Vickery Creek CRNRA. It is a beautiful 5K trail loop though the mountainside and forest, and then along the creekside and near the ole damn/falls. Running the trails feels more like playing than running. The energy and fresh wind blowing on my face refreshes me as I meander over and around the common trail strewn collection of sticks, rocks, and roots. The ever changing vantage is a visual treat and a well deserved reward when the path is demanding.

    I started running regularly in 2008, in order to train for the Kaiser Permante 5K. I didn’t want to embarrass myself on raceday, so I set a training regimen and followed through with it. I ran often, I ran fast. It was fun, it was addicting. It felt good to achieve the goals I set forth. Then, once conditioned and race day came, it felt amazing to run down the streets of Atlanta with 10,000 other strong vibrant athletes.
    Since then, I have trained for the Possum Trot 10K in 2012 and finished with a strong and satisfying time. My next BIG Goal is accomplishing the 13.1 half Marathon, so this would be a great opportunity to tackle that challenge. Ooh ooh pick me! :]
    After that, I would LIKE to complete a full 26.5 mile Marathon hopefully before the end of 2012. Gotta keep pushing and reaching for new goals.

    Gotta go, its time for a RUN!

    • therunningteacher

      hehe, love it! I truly believe runners are among the happiest people in the world! :) I’ve ran at Vickery Creek several times and love it there! I can’t there much anymore with family and the distance to drive there, but I love running across the creek and the sites are beautiful there! Looks like we’ll be marathon buddies this year then! I defaulted from the 50k to the marathon course with recent events. Kudos, and I can’t wait to hear about the year of your year!

  5. I too started running at a young age and dicivered quick I was pretty good at it. I ran in middle school and high school until I hurt my knee and quit. I started again seriously after my dest was born and got down to 5 pounds from pre baby before I found out I was pregnant again. Then I started back as soon as the dr gave me the ok. Running helped me through the most stressful time of my life…..divorce. I lost 60 pounds and just felt better all together. Running is my drug of choice!! Love it!!

    Abby barnard

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